Shredding & Destruction Services

What’s the most popular reason for shredding? Identity Theft.


Destruction ServicesIdentity theft has been the fastest growing crime in the United States for several years and the Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identity stolen every year!

There are several methods a criminal can use to steal an identity but number one on the FTC’s website is the sophisticated art of ‘dumpster diving’. Keep in mind these criminals are able to utilize basic information you might not expect. Addresses, phone numbers, account names, etc. all serve as valuable bits of information they can leverage.

Thankfully there is an easy way to make sure these dumpster divers come up empty handed. Securely destroying your sensitive information is the best way to keep yourself or your organization from becoming the next victim.

While identity theft is probably the most publicized reason for shredding we understand that destroying records according to a retention schedule is also best practice for reducing the volume of unnecessary records and minimizing the expense of a legal discovery process.

If you already understand the need for shredding and you’re looking for an experienced and reliable resource you’re at the right place. Archive Logistics offers scheduled shred services, one time shred projects and file purging services. We’ve helped countless organizations tame their ‘paper monster’ and we’re ready to serve you.